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5 best Zoos and Wildlife Parks For Kids in Melbourne

The capital of Victoria is a bustling and most livable city in the world. From top-class healthcare facilities to modern-age infrastructure developments and good education options, Melbourne offers the world-class amenities to residents, students and tourists. It is the best place to live and raise your kids. Apart from basic amenities, the city also offers great entertainment options, including zoos, aquariums and wildlife sanctuary. The Yarra Valley, The Mornington Peninsula, and the coastline of the Port Philip Bay make this place a wildlife hub across Victoria. There are a plenty of options for families to explore in the weekends and holidays. So, here are top Zoos and Wildlife Parks in Melbourne

Melbourne Zoo

Location: Parkville VIC 3052, Australia Nestled within Royal Park in Parkville, The Melbourne Zoo is a perfect go-to destination for kids and families. It is one of the largest zoological gardens in Victoria, containing 3742 native inhabitants, including Koalas, Kangaroos, Red Panda, Bear, Giraffe, etc. You can also find African wild dogs, frogs, Asian elephants, coati, gorillas, penguins, lions, and much more. A visit to this beautiful wildlife hub will help you explore everything about native and rare wildlife, kids can feed koalas and giraffes, take an elephant trail, and learn about the conservation at such a lively and packed zoo in Melbourne. Do not forget to enjoy delicious meals at the best restaurant and café in the city when travelling with your family, especially kids.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Location: Werribee South VIC 3030, Australia Situated around 32 kilometres south-west of Melbourne, Werribee Open Range Zoo is based on African theme and considered as the most famous tourist destinations across Victoria. You can join the team for a free guided safari to gaze at rare wildlife inhabitants, including lions, tigers, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, etc. Both kids and adults love this place without a doubt. Key Highlight: Do not forget to see the world’s largest gorilla exhibits and a family of hippos in the wetland habitat.

Healesville Sanctuary

Location: Healesville VIC 3777, Australia Healesville Sanctuary is a hotspot for native wildlife, including Koalas, Platypus, emus, dingoes, and much more. Believe it or not! Kids will fall in love with this place. The best part is that Murrundindi share the cultural stories of this rich land every Sunday. So, take your kids close to the wildlife sanctuary and let them enjoy the day without any stress. Key Highlight:  Meet iconic animals in a close-up encounter, such as Kangaroo, Echidnas and Dingo. You can also explore historic gardens and parks to make your family trip memorable.

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

Location:  Pearcedale VIC 3912, Australia   Do not miss out an opportunity to visit this fun and exciting Moonlit Sanctuary. It gives you a memorable experience to explore the diverse wildlife of Australian inhabitants. Come with your kids and discover enchanting wildlife, endangered animals and get close-up encounters  by feeding Koalas and Giraffes.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Location: Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia Situated on the banks of Yarra River, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is a must-visit place for everyone, including kids. It is spot where you can explore all types of marine wildlife in the fanciest set-up. Some of the key features at the aquarium include penguins, crocodiles, rainforests, sharks, sea turtles, stingrays and sea dragons. If you have relocated recently, explore more about Melbourne by visiting heritage sides, enjoying local food and much more. Wrapping Up These are the top 5 best zoos and wildlife parks that will make your kids happy and closer to the native and rare animals.